We stock a range of related items that includes stitching thread, wire ties & tying tools, pallet wrap, pallet covers, hessian rolls and sealing tape. Details as follows:

Stitching Thread

Stitching thread is available in 2.5kg cones or 200g cones manufactured from 4 plies of white polyester.

Wire Ties & Tying Tools

Wire ties are available in 6″ or 8″ manufactured from mild steel. We also stock the tying tool for pulling these tight.

Pallet Wrap

We stock pallet wrap in 4 different sizes, each being a different gauge of thickness (17mu, 20mu, 23mu & 25mu) The 25mu roll is black wrap with the other 3 gauges being clear. 

Pallet Covers

We stock one size of black pallet covers with dimensions: 1675 x 2950 x 1825mm x 60mu.  

Hessian Rolls

Hessian roll is manufactured from 7oz cloth with each roll being 50 yards x 6ft (46m x 1.83m).

Sealing Tape

Sealing tape for use in closing polythene potato bags is available in 9mm thick rolls.