We stock a range of related items that includes stitching thread, wire ties & tying tools, pallet wrap, pallet covers, hessian rolls and sealing tape. Details as follows:

Stitching Thread

Stitching thread is available in 2.5kg cones or 200g cones manufactured from 4 plies of white polyester.

Wire Ties & Tying Tools

Wire ties are available in 6″ or 8″ manufactured from mild steel. We also stock tying tools for tensioning wire ties.

Pallet Wrap

We stock pallet wrap in 4 different sizes, each being a different gauge of thickness (17mu, 20mu, 23mu & 25mu) The 25mu roll is black wrap with the other 3 gauges being clear. 

Pallet Covers

We stock one size of black pallet covers with dimensions: 1675 x 2950 x 1825mm x 60mu.  

Hessian Rolls

Hessian roll is manufactured from 7oz cloth with each roll being 50 yards x 6ft (46m x 1.83m).

Sealing Tape

Sealing tape for use in closing polythene potato bags is available in 9mm thick rolls.